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It's only in the last few years Elle Fredrix began thinking of herself as a writer. Until then, if you asked her about her creative side, she would have called herself a storyteller--another label that didn't quite fit since she didn't share her stories.  But as far back as her memory spans, her brain has been busy creating complex stories for her own amusement.

A romance reader since her teens, Elle says there were times she thought, "I could do this. I could write a romance." Although she shared these thoughts with friends and family, she never acted on it until a few years ago, when she decided talk was cheap.  It was time to put her words into action and prove to herself that she could write romance. 

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Although Megan Dempsey hates amusement parks, she hates disappointing her 12-year old son even more.  So when his plans with a friend fall through, he ropes her into going along.  Things go downhill from there.  First, an incident with...
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Spinning Wildly

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