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In the cafeteria of a Frankfurt gallery Anna Amalia Reitner is surprised to meet Jago Nicholson, whom she had last seen when she’d accidentally disrupted the celebratory reception of one of his company’s MRI machines at the Oxfordshire ...
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Helen Williams is staying in Sceaux, a suburb of Paris, and when she decides to help her neighbour Constance Gravier escape the clutches of Enrique de la Salle she meets not the married Enrique but his intimidating brother-in-law, Henri Finnegan. I...
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Lightning In The Rain
When graphic artist Philadelphia Wing arrives back in Oxford from a work related assignment in Madrid she finds a series of disquieting messages on her house telephone.  Hoping to talk to her uncle Morton Jack in his college rooms, she finds...
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A Charitable Affair
On her arrival at the Abbey Surgery, a general practice in rural Lincolnshire , Arabella Smith, a young GP, meets Clayton Richards, a partner.  Although he appears antagonistic, there is between them, an instant attraction which neither acknow...
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Allegra Singleton is surprised when on returning to her London home she finds that her flatmate cousin Christie, a highly paid photographic model, is leaving for Barbados; Christie is supposed to be travelling to an island in the Venetian lagoon to...
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Silver Lagoon
Following the death of her mother Claire South is cared for by her aunt Fiona.  When Claire's father also dies Fiona is left destitute, and Claire agrees to marry Grant Wilding, her profligate father's employer, purely to settle Fiona&...
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When Alexandra Jamieson is called in to the London offices of Jonas Manningham to discuss the behaviour of her half brother Stephen Canford she learns nothing of what is supposed to have happened from the dismissive Jonas. Alexandra, devoted to Ste...
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The Shadow Bride
At Hemingford General Hospital, Alice Bancroft, a ward sister, meets   senior consultant surgeon Lowell North in circumstances which cause her considerable embarrassment:  at a reception on what would have been her wedding day she has ...
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When Sophie Ballister attends a conference of European accountants and lawyers being held at an English university she meets Gianluca Massimo Bauer. They have been given rooms in the same set and Gianluca makes a considerable impression on the over...
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Tangled Web
Just as Betsy Garrison and Graham Stevenson are leaving the reception after their cathedral wedding her father is seriously injured in a fall. Wolfe Menzies, Betsy's brother-in-law, is staying in the family house in Lichfield where it had been ...
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Come To The City
Isobel Matheson has arrived in Spain to work as an assistant surgeon in the orthopaedic department of a Cordoba hospital, the head of which is Raul Mascolo y Rafael.  At home in Edinburgh she'd been pursued by the vindictive family of a fo...
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Chloe Harrison works in a Derbyshire hospital as acting junior registrar to consultant Matthias Trevelyan.  Between them is a degree of mutual antagonism:  conscious of his watchful attention, she regards him with a distant but wary respe...
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Following the loss of her mother and father Catherine Mortimer is brought up by her uncle and aunt, and when they are killed she devotes herself to constructing a happy life for her small cousin Jamie.  They live in a rented house in Tewkesbur...
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