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Ellen Lewis

I live in Auckland New Zealand and am new to writing. In fact `Hidden Desires' is my very first novel.  Believe me, I was so shocked when it had been accepted by Eternal Press that I had to read the email from their editior five times - word by word - to make sure it was true!

I love traveling, reading (I read other genres as well as romance), music and of course writing.  The country I most like to travel to is Spain, but I also loved visiting Memphis, Chicago and New York as well.

The photo I've attached represents all that I love about Spain. Its history, the colour, the mystery and the aesthestics. I also love Spain's way of life and that that they have fiestas all thetime to celebrate life.

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  An emotional journey of sensuality, eroticism and conflict.          "Isabella wakes up to find herself in a strange bed, injured and in a hacienda belonging to the dangerously gorge...
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