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Ellison James crafts stories of fantasy, urban fantasy, erotica, and everything in between. Born in the Northwestern part of the United States, now living in the Southeast, Ellison James uses a lifetime of living throughout the world as backdrops for stories that usually start in the real world, and then make a quick departure into believable worlds of the fantastic.

"I like to play with perceptions, stretch the boundaries of believability by making Monsters, Demons, Elfs and Faeries seem like normal everyday folks that just happen to do extraordinary things."

The work of Ellison James is often erotic but never smutty, depicting this facet of life like it really is, and from all points of view.

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"Her love is "to die for." Azra just wants a loving relationship, But her kind of love kills. Ousted from her world, pursued by a Police Detective for crimes against men, her prospects of mortal love look bleak. That is, until s...
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Lovestruck Succubus
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