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Not so long ago, I was an Army brat, which lends to my imagination (Oh, the places I have seen…lol) and I am the mother of two energetic little boys, which gives me my sense of humor. I should mention that I’ve been married to the most wonderful and understanding man for 14 years.

I have lived everywhere thanks to the travel bug I inherited from my parents, but currently am push-pinned in southeast Michigan. A typical day is a little crazy but I always work in writing time (though sometimes I sacrifice sleep!).

I am multi-published with Total-e-Bound Publishing as well as Breathless Press…and every week I am working hard on one blog story or another that I offer on my website each Monday as part of The Story Orgy.

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Current Releases
When appearances aren't everything... Shea Laporte is a twenty-four year-old professional twink. He gets his way with a bat of his eyelashes and a swish of his hips. Coffee bars, nightclubs and late, lazy mornings in bed are routine for him....
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Chantilly Lace
‘Chantilly Lace’ by Em Woods When appearances aren’t everything… Shea Laporte is a twenty-four-year-old professional twink. He gets his way with a bat of his eyelashes and a swish of his hips. Coffee bars, nightclubs ...
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50's Mixed Tape
When Harper finally sees the light and dumps his cheating boyfriend, can Pitt convince Harper to trust him enough to let it all go? When Harper Evans discovers his boyfriend in yet another bar with yet another Joe, he makes the final break and...
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Harper's Discovery
When secrets come to light, two men must realise that, despite their fears, the love they have really is enough. When software mogul Shannon Murphy is requested to appear at an international convention to accept an innovation award, he’s...
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Enough for Him
The Classics Exposed… Love at first sight is a beautiful thing, but sometimes, true love waits a lifetime to shine…and then needs a little help from the Three Ghosts of Christmas. As a young man, Ebenezer Scrooge felt the sh...
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A Christmas Carol
  When a rodeo clown, a small town veterinarian and his assistant form a complicated trio, they find it's their choices that determine who finds love. When rodeo clown Brandt Collins is forced into retirement by an injury in the...
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One mistake is all it takes to ruin the rest of someone’s life. One stubborn best friend is all it takes to save it. After a play scene goes bad, resulting in unexpected consequences, Reese Andrews is sure his dreams are over. Struggling...
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Holding On
Sometimes a mate bond can be damned well as crucial to survival when a murderer sets his sights on one of the pair. As if life isn't tough enough for a half Fae, half butterfly shifter, Tate is thrown for a loop when his ...
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Flying High
Book one in The Council of Magick Series What are two wizards to do when the woman they love jinxes herself and then runs? Jace and Symon are wizards longing to sell their Detroit-based bookstore and head for the lush nature of the Upper ...
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Convincing Symon

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Only Sam

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And The Prompt Is...Volume One

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And The Prompt Is...Holiday Edition
"When a recluse is trapped with the man of his dreams, will his Christmas wishes come true...even in spite of himself? When Michael Danner sacrifices safety to get a glimpse of the man he’s been lusting after for years, he and his ...
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Graham's Gift

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Word Play

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Jack's Way
Read Review
When a down-on-his-luck architect meets a closeted cowboy with a cranky horse, can they find common ground or will ghosts from the past destroy their future? Ben Morillo, a prominent architect, has a good life. He works for one of the leading...
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Jack's Way (AUDIO)
While Max’s biggest fear is being touched, his greatest dream is to be loved. Can he let Jeremiah close enough to heal, or will he turn away all that he wants for the safety of what he knows? Max Eisner suffers from haptephobia, the fear...
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Impossible to Resist
One part lover-running-scared plus one part sexy-Italian-chocolatier equals the perfect Valentine’s Day recipe for love. For as long as the doors to Chocolate Dreams have been open, Joel Raner has been stopping every night on his way hom...
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Chocolate Dreams
Trapped by a snowstorm in a remote cabin in northern Michigan, photographer Victor Schwartz hopes to convince his assistant, Alex Merit, that he has serious intentions... But will Alex see past the playboy to the man who wants it all, or will he ...
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Chasing Alex
When Dan Perry meets Logan Hall on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii, he knows keeping the man of his dreams means facing the demons of his past...but will his paradise be lost when he finds out Logan is really his boss? Senior analyst and prog...
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Not Anymore

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