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I'm an author with the erotic story publishing group, Excessica. My stories range from sensual and romantic to dark and passionate, so there’s something for every reader. A born and bred Brit, I take great pride in my cut-glass English accent and all my stories abound with quaint British-isms, so if you’re from the UK and prefer ‘knickers’ to ‘panties’ - or you’re not British, but are suffering from a massive case of Anglophilia - then my writing may be for you!

I was born and brought up in London but now live in the beautiful English countryside where I pursue an outwardly virtuous life, all the time delighting in the perversity of being an erotic writer. When I'm not working on my good-girl disguise by baking cakes to help local charities I love taking part in various forms of dancing -from Belly to Burlesque – and taking photographs, usually self-portraits. Some of my pictures even grace the covers of my e-books, so you can have fun guessing which ones are of me!
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I would like to encourage some action on my book's pages, so anyone who comments on one of my novellas -- 'Tease' or 'A Bad Influence' -- will get a copy of my short story 'But Is It Art?' absolutely free.  Can't say fairer than that now, can we?  Now go forth and comment, but please, keep the comments relevant to the books!
Current Releases
We all sometimes wonder what life would be like if we’d taken a different path. When Andrew and Melissa accidentally bump into each other ten years after their teenage romance came to an end they are given the chance to find out. Andrew canno...
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When a stage manager gets carried away reading erotic poetry in an empty theatre she imagines an audience is watching her and does something she’s only fantasised about. However someone really is watching her and before long the pair of them ar...
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The Big Performance
When Natalie responds to an article requesting a life model she knows she’s pushing her own boundaries. What she doesn’t realise is that the artist wants more from her than just a model to copy and he has one or two suprises lined up over...
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But Is It Art?
Alistair is shy and retiring and his first day at university is already proving harder than he’d imagined. When Katie introduces herself and helps him to enjoy the University experience he develops a serious crush, but resigns himself to the fa...
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A Bad Influence
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