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Being fascinated with books as a child, I escaped whenever I could into the world of fiction.  It seemed a natural progression to write stories as well and so I have progressed through poetry, short stories and now a novel.  The novel was a long time coming, having been started in the late 80s and then put aside in a drawer until recently.

With The Red Heart now published by Steam e-Reads, I can turn my attention to other unfinished manuscripts (contemporary novels) as well as the sequel to The Red Heart.  I am a mixture of a plotter and a pantser, meaning that I need to have some idea where my characters and story are going but don’t altogether know how they will get there.  It’s a journey that the characters and I take together.

Writing time is a scarce resource, as I have a 9-5 job in the property sector, working for a utility company in Adelaide, South Australia.  I have just taken the plunge and dropped back to working four days per week and hope that although there are many things on the to-do list, that writing permeates to the top.

Mine has always been a two-person family, comprising my son and myself.  That young man has recently left home and indeed the state, so ours is now a long distance relationship.  In theory, that now gives me more time for writing.

I have been a Marriage Celebrant for nearly 20 years, and that has given me the opportunity to observe relationships and their development from a very unique perspective.  Romance has been a big part of my life therefore for many years.  I am available to conduct your wedding ceremony in South Australia, or by arrangement can travel to other parts of Australia.

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