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All her life, Diana Bold wanted to be a writer. Even as a child, her sister claims all she ever did was sit in her closet and scribble in a notebook. Now, she concedes the scribbling part, but not the closet part. Why would she need to sit in her closet when she had a perfectly good desk? In any event, she won her first writing contest when she was seven, and she was hooked! She married young, and soon had three wonderful little boys running around the house, so writing took a backseat for several years as she worked a variety of jobs that she hated. Once she started seriously pursuing a writing career, she found it was not as easy as she had expected, and she was not the prodigy she had imagined. But she joined a writer's group, and made a ton of writing friends along the way who showed her the error of her ways and unselfishly helped her get a little better. By the time she sold her first book in 2006, she'd already been at this for over ten years and was about ready to give up. Rejection is hard! But holding that first book in her hands made it all worth it. Now her sons are all grown up, and two of them have babies of their own, so she is a grandma. But she now has all the time in the world to devote to telling the stories that just won't let her sleep. She hopes you enjoy them! You can see what she’s up to at, and she loves to hear from her readers at

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Charlotte is a strong yet sweet heroine willing to go to great lengths to give herself a better life and get away from a painful past. Logan is a flawed hero who once let the woman of his dreams go. Now he will have only one last chance to win her ba...
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