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Emma Paul

I am an Author of Erotic Romance.

Emma Paul lives in her own little fantasy world…well at least when she is creating the fantastical tales that seem to manifest every second of every day within the confines of her mind. She is happily married with children, and loves writing and sharing her imagination with anyone willing to read or listen to her stories. She is passionate about her writing and loves pushing the limits if her imagination. Erotic romance is her favorite genre. Combined with her love of fantasy and science fiction, she found her calling. Her entertaining tales are hot, fun and wildly creative.  




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On Corbin's world women are desperately needed as Breeding-mates to keep his race from extinction. Having been betrayed by his former Breeder, Corbin has given up on ever having another Breeding-mate in his life. On one of his trips to the h...
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Corbin's Captive
Rumored to be a demon, Damien has been cursed by another demon to remain behind the walls of Darkhaven castle for eternity, unless he can say the True name of the demon that cursed him. Unfortunately, part of the curse is that he is unable to spea...
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Prisoner Of Darkhaven
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Kaden has waited twelve long years to finally claim a Breeder of his own. Breeders are a necessity that the Dregs do not take lightly. Without them, his species would eventually die out. The moment he sees Carina ascend from the Mantra’s ves...
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Kaden's Breeder
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Her quest for love carried her into the arms of - a gargoyle! A a hot new approach to paranormal erotic romance. Romiel is a gargoyle, an offspring of a Demon father and Vampire mother. Cursed by a powerful human wizard, Romiel and all Gargoyles a...
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Soulmate's Touch
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