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Billionaire media magnate Andros Casstellini thinks women are there for one thing, and one thing only. Lyra 'the man eater' Matthews tends to think the same about men. But Andros has something she needs, namely cash--and lots of it. So on ...
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Claimed by the Sicilian Tycoon
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Office Seduction, 2 She’d been falling in love with him for years, since the moment they first met, and after one night of mind blowing sex Lucy’s mind was made up. She wanted Giles forever...only he didn’t want her back. &...
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Taming the Bad Girl
When Ripley gets her Christmas collection list she expects the usual babies and elderly. After all, thousands of people die every day and this is her job. But what she doesn't expect is number ninety-nine on the list. Nicholas Ryder. The man s...
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Ripley's Reaping
Office Seduction, 1 A chance meeting in a bar leads to the most erotic night of Pam's life. Only when she awakes, Gabe is gone, and naturally she doesn't expect to see him again. Until Monday morning that is, when she arrives at the of...
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Pleasing the Boss
On assignment to cover the wedding of millionaire businessman, Alexander Iannou, Cassie Reynolds doesn’t expect to be accosted by his partner, the enigmatic, and devastatingly attractive, George Constantinou. True she may have gatecrashed, a...
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Getting Her Geek
Fired from the job she so desperately needs, Andy Jones is shocked to find a wallet stuffed full of cash. It belongs to none other than Alexander Ioannou, millionaire extraordinaire, and the man responsible for her firing. Alexander comes look...
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Paying Her Debt
When Eva Diakou is offered a job on the Winterwood estate, she expects nothing but four months of back breaking work. Jobless and lonely, she has little choice but to accept. But things on the Winterwood estate are nothing like Eva was led to beli...
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The Kiss
A Valentine’s Fairy who doesn’t believe in love, a human who can’t let go... can one wish change them both? It’s her first year as a Valentine’s fairy and Amelia has been given an impossible task. Gavin Peters wan...
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The Valentine's Fae

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