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Emrys Lawson is an American freelance writer and poet, who lives in Texas with three dogs, two cats, and Riley, the elusive wolf spider. “Writing enables me to explore other worlds and lifestyles from the comfort of home while sitting snug at my desk.” A love of words and storytelling has pulled at the heart and creative side of this writer from an early age. As a fulltime freelance writer, Emrys enjoys crafting bodies of work that span from ‘how to articles’ to ‘erotic’ fiction. On occasion, the elusive wolf spider ventures out of the top desk drawer. Fearless, Riley thrives on providing feedback and input on story arcs, which adds a creative flare and flavor to the crafted articles, poems, short stories, and novels created.

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Romance writer, Julia Cole, is a woman who’s unable to trust. Business owner, Alexandre De La Fontaine, is a man who’s not looking for love. A sensual, passionate weekend in a club, far richer and Sweeter than Candy, erupts in the bustlin...
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Sweeter Than Candy

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