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Shadow Juke, postapocalyptic gunslinger, mercenary, cold-blooded lover. Forced to take on a rescue mission he never wanted, Shad must retrieve Harc, the lover of the ethereal witch the White Whisper, from the perilous Scarlet Fires Oas...
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After the Hell
Elyria is a nightmare world, besieged by the Black Ship and its inhuman Passengers. It is also a world of uninhibited sexuality. Urna and Rune are an elite military unit working for the Lux, the totalitarian dictators who control the planet’...
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Elyria's Ecstasy
A teenager's attempt to fit in with the new kids in town takes an out of this world turn. When first contact is made with the alien race Khondra, Flynn is excited and interested in the newcomers. So when a group of Khondra youngsters...
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The Belonging

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