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Eric S Dietrich

Eric Dietrich is a professor of philosophy at Binghamton University. Before studying philosophy, he was a concert pianist and mountain climber. He has a bachelor's degree in mathematics from the University of Wyoming, and a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Arizona. Between those two degrees, he worked for a Nasa/Defense Department contractor in their artificial intelligence unit. He is the author of numerous papers, most recently focusing on paraconsistent logic and true contradictions. He co-authored, with Valerie Hardcastle, Sisyphus's Boulder: Consciousness and the Limits of the Knowable, a book on consciousness's resistance to scientific explanation. He also edits the Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Artificial Intelligence. His most-read paper is "There is no progress in philosophy." With Tara Fox Hall, he wrote "The Allure of the Serial Killer," which came out in the book Serial Killers, edited by Sara Waller.     

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Forbidden Conversations is the record of a series of conversations between three friends on topics which Americans are today actively prevented from openly discussing.  The prevention of these discussions is destructive  to our democracy...
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Forbidden Conversations: A dialogue on what we're not allowed to discuss in America
Consciousness lies at the core of being human. Therefore, to understand ourselves, we need a theory of consciousness. In "Sisyphus's Boulder," Eric Dietrich and Valerie Hardcastle argue that we will never get such a theory because co...
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Sisyphus's Boulder: Consciousness and the limits of the knowable

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