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Erin Aislinn

I write in several romance genres:

  • contemporary romance (It Happened in Florence)
  • erotic contemporary romance (Convincing Silvia)
  • erotic vampire romance (The Night of Maya, Earthly Possession)
  • erotica (Midnight Promise)

You can find out more about my book here or at my website:

I also run a monthly book cover contest where the readers vote for their favorite and get a chance to win a copy of the winning book.  Come and vote at:

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Erin Aislinn Nov 15, 2008

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Amazon Short
Ellora's Cave
House of Erotica
Current Releases
To fulfill her ultimate fantasy, Charlotte wants to have the best sex of her life with a gorgeous stranger on a train. When the hypnotizing stare of a blue-eyed mystery man promises to make her dream come true, Charlotte is ready to take him on wi...
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Strangers on a Train
After ten years of giving Erani the protection of his name in marriage, Farhad must finally fulfill his promise and set her free. It is time for her to make her own decisions and take her rightful place in the world. Although he has always kept a ...
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Silvia knows Andy is just using her for sex. Why else would a gorgeous young landscape designer bother with a widowed nurse? Whatever Andy's reasons, the affair gives her a new lease on life. In bed or in the bathtub or wherever else Andy wants her...
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Convincing Silvia
Ninety seven years ago, Diego promised her the world, but he held back one thing; himself. Now Leela is back in the place where it all began. Once again, Diego is waiting, more than ready to fulfill her every desire, but will she have what it takes o...
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Midnight Promise
Kheyra Baal escapes to Earth to avoid an arranged marriage on planet Dattar, where female vampires are the dominant sex. Just once in her life, she wants to experience real passion with a real alpha. She has five days before the Dattaran posse tracks...
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Earthly Possession
A virgin's desire... No man has ever touched Maya Crestmene, and she will accept no other than the man who has haunted her dreams for twelve years. Only, Maya's dream lover is no man. A vampire's curse... Five hundred years ago, Kiru became ...
Available Now!
The Night of Maya

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