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Esra Blu cut her teeth on Poe and Creature Features. Influences on her work include seminal Gothic works like The Monk, the Southern Gothic of Shirley Jackson, a variety of fantasy from Tolkien to Bradbury to LeGuin, modern horror from King to Poppy Z. Brite, as well as a host of movies and series from Hammer Films to Night Gallery, Fringe to Supernatural. Blu is a Yankee by birth and hillbilly by blood. She currently resides in what the natives called the “dark and bloody ground” with four cats, two dogs, and a man with whom she shares a deep and abiding love of heavy metal, grunge, and classic rock.

Current Releases
As America pulls itself from the depths of the Great Depression, young college grad Peter Zelinsky inherits a circus from a long-lost uncle and is reluctantly drawn into an unfamiliar world of wild animals, roustabouts, performers, and dark desires. ...
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Circus of Secrets
When a century-old map leads archeology student Matt Collins to the burial mound of the legendary Bloody Man in the Texas desert, he unwittingly unearths not the grave of a serial killer as he expected, but a real life monster. Ashe Pankhurst is grat...
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Ashen Moon

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