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Sheila Donaldson is bored… No, not bored, frustrated. She's spent years married to the same wonderful man, and now Sheila is ready to live out some of her naughtiest fantasies through her own personal sex bucket list. Number one on her lis...
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Favorite Fantasies
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Authors Eva Hore and Richard Hiscock have teamed up for this collection of explicit erotic romance. Some of the stories are told from his point of view, some from hers. Regardless of who tells the tale, these seventeen short stories are sure to se...
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His and Hers
Sarah’s brother, Steven, has been bullied at work. To help him overcome his difficulties, Sarah accompanies him to see a psychiatrist named Michael Martin. She’s blown over by Michael’s good looks, his charisma, and his obviou...
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Sexual Deception
Last year I didn't look forward to spending Christmas in Texas with my sister and her family. But there was John, her husband, a huge, charismatic hunk of man. Good looking and absolutely loaded. I hadn't had sex in six months and was h...
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Christmas in Texas
When my boss Melissa invited me to her home for a dinner party, I didn’t expect her husband, Ronnie, to be so flirtatious. After I had a few too many drinks, he helped me to the guest bedroom and helped his wife to bed. Then he came ...
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My Boss's Husband
On a trip home to Australia, Sandy slips away from family and friends to enjoy a little quiet time on the shore. There she runs into Alana, an old flame from high school, who's still as beautiful as Sandy remembers. Alana's recent bre...
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Visiting Downunder
I couldn't wait to tell my friend Julie all about the sexual spanking I'd been invited to witness. As I went into sordid detail about what I'd witnessed, I could see Julie was getting just as aroused as I was myself. Then she wond...
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Want to be Spanked?
Sheila envies her friend Liza's tattoo but is too timid to get one of her own. When she hears Liza talk about how hot her tattoo artist Tony is, though, she has to see for herself. Enlisting the help of their mutual friend Mary, Liza cons...
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My Tattoo
Let me say up front, I didn't used to believe in ghosts. I'd always thought I was alone in my house, but slowly I began to realize something was watching me masturbate ... and wanted to join in the fun. When I told my friend Tara abou...
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Safe Sex
For my boss's 50th birthday, our office decided to take him to a strip joint just to embarrass him a bit. We thought it'd be a blast. After a few drinks, one of the working girls, Jasmine, decided to give me a lap dance. Imagine my su...
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My Girlfriend the Lap Dancer
Everyone wanted to be with Candice, and I was lucky enough to be the one she wanted. So because she was lacking in her sexual prowess, I’d taken it upon myself to educate her, and she was loving it. Just as things were heating up betwee...
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My Friend the Phone Sex Worker
Posing nude for an art class at a local college seems like a great way to earn a little extra money. But when the instructor asks me to stay after class, I'm nervous ... until I realize sexy student Sarah is staying behind. Brad just want...
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In the Name of Art
Skipping class has never been this naughty! One college co-ed stumbles onto her best friend's sister, Sheila, during a tutoring lesson. Only Sheila isn't the one giving the lesson, and what she's learning isn't found on the college...
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Lesson for the Tutor
When Bridget's date with John ends on a sour note, she's left to her own devices. Horny and unsatisfied, she takes matters into her own hands, but while masturbating in her bedroom, she sees someone outside her window watching. It'...
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Who would think leaving lemons with your neighbor could be so fruitful? When Marcia drops in on her conservative neighbour unannounced, she inadvertently walks in on Helen masturbating to a lesbian porno. Now that she's discovered a side ...
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Our Neighbor Helen
Sophie finds it difficult to lose her inhibitions, even with her lover Mary. So when sexy neighbor Julie suggests she come over for drinks and a chat, Sophie allows herself to be seduced. Julie teaches her how to love her own body in ways Sophie h...
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Discovering Myself
Sheila's the only female lawyer at her firm. Every Friday night she's just one of the guys, hanging out at a local pub for drinks. Her coworkers' antics make her thankful she's a lesbian. Sexy waitress Melissa catches her eye, and ...
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For the Love of Melissa

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