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Undergoing a midlife renaissance after retiring from teaching in the third-grade trenches, the author rekindled her passion for storytelling by composing fiction that taps into significant issues affecting the lives of women. A native Rhode Islander, Ms. Pasco enriches her plausible plotlines by infusing geographic entities, historic references, and regional culture.

Unsolicited by the author, TIME news reporter, Jeninne Lee- St. John, conducted a telephone interview with Ms. Pasco, delving into the driving force behind her first novel, Underlying Notes, shortly after its publication. (March 17, 2008 print issue): "Scents and Sentsitivity."

Somewhere along cruising the byways of An Enlightening Quiche, life’s hairpin turns detoured Ms. Pasco’s journey to completion of her second novel by a margin of eight years.  This new release is available in Paperback and eBook formats worldwide.

Readers may access the author’s memoirs, essays, weekly blogs, or catch up on her daily news at Authors Den.

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A Note From Eva Pasco

A perfume aficionado, fragrance has always been an important thread weaving through my life. One day I stumbled upon an online perfume forum and registered. This membership escalated my curiosity about undiscovered fragrances to a frenzy, expanding my perfume collection discreetly stashed in cupboards and decorative boxes. 

Meanwhile, I grew tired of reading magazine articles about the exploits of middle aged women who took up roller blading, deep sea diving, or achieved mystical enlightenment by scaling mountains in Tibet—I’m serious! That’s when Carla Matteo stepped into my field of vision wafting insecurities, inhibitions, quirks, anxieties, and fears. I knew I wanted to tell a story about an ordinary woman with foibles, restless to find her own niche, parlaying a fragrance addiction to embark on an introspective journey of self-discovery.

I atttempt to exonerate ordinary/extraordinary women--heroines who navigate life's arduous course on a daily basis.
Current Releases
  An heirloom quiche recipe and baking rivalry turn up the heat in northern Rhode Island’s French-Canadian mill town of Beauchemins, rife with secrets and scandals, fractured friendships, dysfunctional families, romantic rifts, misdeeds...
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An Enlightening Quiche
Carla Matteo copes with life by "taking to the bottle"--glass goddesses funneling perfume! During a midlife renaissance the "juice" offers incentive for Carla to find her own niche, while the ominous rose note in Paloma Picasso fo...
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A Peek Into the Life of Eva Pasco

Eva Pasco

Eva Pasco

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