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Eve Cassidy is a writer of erotica, former Marine, work at home mother, and sexy wife to her very own military man.
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Cowboys aren't always what they seem...They're often so much more.   Sheriff Dane Carter was only looking for a cold one when he stepped into Duke's Bar & Grill after a long shift but ended up finding trouble instead. ...
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Buckle Down
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She’ll do anything to save her bar… Famous last words.   When the latest brawl at Old School lands Erin and her bar in hot water with the Corps, she gets desperate to keep things afloat. Thanks to her family connections, ...
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Old School
Control is his… Until she runs. Fresh out of bootcamp, Jamie wants nothing more than the weekend fling Dom promised her so many weeks ago. She can’t get the delicious image of what they did in the heat of passion out of her head....
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On Your Knees, Soldier
Two guys. A girl. One incredible game of pool…   Scarlett wants to escape, even if it’s just for a little while. So she heads to Southern Comfort, where she’ll find a certain marine she can’t get out of her he...
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Southern Comfort
For Jeff Ward, keeping his sexual preference a secret from his platoon was of utmost importance. But being celibate was never in his plan. So when tension and frustration are at the breaking point he takes some advice and heads out of town for a quic...
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Don't Tell
She’s hot, she’s sexy and she can kick some ass! Jamie is in the middle of becoming a trained soldier in the Marine Corps when she literally bumps into a man that sparks her fire. With her focus lost she does what any red-blooded Ameri...
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G.I. Jamie
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