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Eve Knight

Eve writes hot and steamy short GLBT erotic and anything else that temps her fancy.

If you want to tempt your senses, come along for the ride.

she also writes tamer, yet still hot romance as abbey macInnis.

A Note From Eve Knight

Welcome to my little hot corner of the web here at Manic Readers! I invite you to stay awhile and look around. :-) Enjoy the forbidden.

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Current Releases
Their love is forbidden but undeniable Forced to bear witness to her lady’s torment at the brutal hands of her lord, a maid, fearing banishment, confesses her love for her mistress. When her feelings are reciprocated, both women face the r...
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Maid For Her
Could letting go of her inhibitions change her future? Julie works to pleasure others. As a sex phone hotline operator, it’s her job, not her joy. She’s tired of living without pleasure or happiness in her life. Acting on impuls...
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The Pleasure Club: The Park Rangers
Amira Grayson is a broken angel who lost her wings. She needs the love and strength of Archangel Michael to help her regain the confidence lost one night and forever imprinted in her memory. Guilt for past mistakes carried since she was eight...
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The Pleasure Club: The Angel
Sneaking into a masquerade party provides Stephani with the perfect cover as the sultry siren Cinnamon. Will her secrets remain hidden once Chad, her willing playmate for the evening suspects her to be a woman he loved but lost? Can he unmask Cinnamo...
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Unmasking Cinnamon
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