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Multi-published author Eve Savage began her education in a small village school in England and hones it during her travels throughout the world. Originally a poet, Eve began writing fiction during high school in San Antonio. During college in Galveston (Gig 'em, Ags!), Eve's participation in numerous RPGs (role-playing games) allowed her imagination to take flight and added whole other dimensions to the stories and poems she wrote.

Extensive study in Mythology, Wicca and most things paranormal, as well as extremely eclectic tastes, enables Eve to speak intelligently on subjects as varied as vampire lore of New Orleans (ask her about the Haunted History tour in NOLA last year), tattoos (of which she has four), kings and queens of England (fascinating, aren't they?), music/tv/movie trivia (no one beats her at Scene It!) and most aspects of history. Her friends call her a walking enclopedia (read as: know-it-all). Eve has quite a dramatic flair, having spent many years performing in theatrical productions.

With such diverse interests, it's no wonder her well-received books vary from contemporary erotica to near-future paranormal erotic thrillers.
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Former Army Ranger Brant Crichton likes to be in charge. Racked with guilt after losing men in the desert, he now stands a lonely sentinel position in the forest, fighting the wildest element of all. When a sexy older woman steps right out of his dre...
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Oh Yum! Out of Control

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