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Evi is a die-hard romantic, who firmly believes in happy endings, and loves all things paranormal. She lives in South Africa, with her (very patient) husband, two children, and too many pets, including a cockatiel who loves to sit on her desk, and chew the pink rhinestones off Evi’s mouse while she’s trying to write.

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Can Grave and Athera find a way to kill Nexanthon? Can they find a way to be together? Will Grave stop being stubborn and realize that Athera is the only female for him? Only time, and one annoyed death deity, will tell.
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Buried by Love
Athera and Grave have to enter the faery realm in search of the weapon that will kill, but Grave is injured and to save his life, Athera does something that will have long-lasting consequences.
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Buried Alive
This time her phoenix energy has awoken the long dormant death deity, Nexanthon.  She’s on the run, trying to stay one step ahead of the monster chasing her and find a weapon powerful enough to kill a death deity.  Grave has bee...
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Buried In Denial
Hell Lord Eligos has been tossed out of Hell, all because of a meddling mage. Now he has to rely on the same mage to try and get himself back home where the smell of sulfur is the smell of happiness. There is only one problem with his idea.  ...
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The Devil You Know
Deep under the ocean is the hall of the water fae, Saul needs to go there to get help for a case the Echelon has to work. So he tricks Marina, the heir to the throne, to get him in.  What he doesn’t count on is that someone is out to ki...
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At the End of the Rainbow
A damned soul, Dexter is trapped in Hell, until he sees Lorelei for the first time. Now he is doing everything he can to get out of Hell so he can make the angel of a woman fall in love with him.  Lorelei has a male watching her. And when she...
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From Hell, With Love
Caden Remington was killed in action, but he didn't stay dead. An unscrupulous government agency brought him back to life by mixing his DNA with some unknown creature, and now he is a zombie. He hates what he is. Wanting revenge for what the gove...
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The Hunger
She has run from him for the last time. Colt is determined to find and keep his Gelibean, but someone is trying to kill her. Will he find his runaway mate before they get it right?
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Angelica can't read Colt. One minute, he's seething at her and the next, he's kind. She's beginning to wish he'd decide what he wants, because she's getting seasick from his mood swings.  Colt wants to hate her, but he...
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Frozen Necessity
Imprisoned in the breeding center for her part in Scarlet’s escape, Angelica has to have sex with a man she’s never seen or met. When she discovers that he is unwilling, she vows to get him free instead of using him.  Colt is a ki...
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Frozen Vengeance
Now, there is hope he might be able to get his She, his one true mate, back.  There might be a miracle that allows him to hold her again. Or will she be snatched from him before he has a chance to claim her as his own? Ena waved her free h...
Available Now!
Forever Burning
With the Enforcers close on her heels and strange new symptoms, Scarlet is doing everything she can to keep up and to deny what she is starting to feel for Archer. But every time she uses her flames she burns worse, and her inevitable death by fir...
Available Now!
Burning to Ashes
Born a pyro destined to die in her own flames, but raised a human, Scarlet is unwittingly thrust into the world of the Eternals, where she hurtles toward her ultimate fate.    A vision of a woman dying in flame has haunted Archer...
Available Now!
Burning Ember

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