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In an old house close enough to walk to the Pacific Ocean in coastal Australia, Evie Bliss writes naughty books for clever people - sumptuously descriptive, insightful stories that are a little cooky, a little cerebral and a whole lot of sexy. 

Evie is proud to be a '' author.  She believes in intelligent erotic romance; fresh, lush tales that contain thoughtful perception coupled with scorching-hot steam. So if you're a higher-IQ reader who enjoys 'semi-literary' erotic romance; if you're not afraid of a metaphor and like to feed your mind as well as body, you'll love the world of Evie Bliss. 

Twitter/Facebook: @evieblissauthor
For a list of smart sexy authors, visit : the home of intelligent erotic literature.

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Love among movie mayhem! Seventy-four international cast and crew gather on location to film a swashbuckling American-funded movie, set among the drug smuggling colonial settlements of the Malacca Straits circa 1825. Egos bigger than Ben Hur are dwar...
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Project Career Detonate (Film Flings Book 1)
BDSM for Brainiacs! Dirty-Good is a cerebrally-sexy blend of hot-as-Hades romance and smart discourse. Dungeon Dan is disillusioned with the purely physical, while diligent Debbie seeks wicked sensuality to complement her rich inner life. When smo...
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    A steaming-hot night of no-strings-attached sex!  Is that too much to ask?      Mandy needs a night of mindless, high-octane, horizontal heat.  But one can't escape one's inner nature - or in Man...
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The S'expert

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Twitter/Facebook: @evieblissauthor
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