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Ezra Blake

Ezra Blake was born in the American south, attended university abroad, and is not putting his degree to good use. He’s been disgusting since before he could pronounce the word.

Aside from writing, his interests include fine art, travel, and LGBT and mental health advocacy.

He’s FtM transgender. Ezra lives with his fiancé, his boyfriend, and hopefully some pet rats, soon.

His debut novel, Claustrophilia, is transgressive, horrific erotic gay romance (that's a mouthful!) Hotter than erotica and darker than horror, already banned from Amazon for explicit content.

Preorder Claustrophilia for only $1.99 here.

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Current Releases
Christopher Dour’s life was terrible before he was kidnapped. He spent too much time studying the Providence Butcher's victims and not enough talking to living people. He was erotically obsessed with the idea of murdering Dr. Ivan Skinne...
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