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I grew up around science fiction, particularly Star Trek. By 1994, when I was 8, I already had a well developed interest in science fiction, and I started collecting Micro Machine spaceships. With these Micro Machines, I came up with my own Star Trek adventures. A few years later, I decided to write these down. Then, 1999, while I was broadening by science fiction horizons, I began creating my own Universe. Over the next five years, I wrote a series of 45 short stories and my first novel, all set in that Universe. I first looked into publication in 2001/02, but I was too short (50 pages).

In 2004, I had a sudden, unquenchable interest in dragons. But, I still loved science fiction and continued writing in my Universe. By January 2005, inspired by Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern and getting an idea from an episode of the original Star Trek, I created my own dragon world set in my Universe. And so, Draconia was born.

Draconia was originally going to be a trilogy of short stories. But, I found that there was just so much I could do with it. Once I had united the short stories into one story, dropped the word limit, and applied what I had picked up from my novel-reading, ideas flowed. The original story, Draconia: Forging Trust, has since become mother to a series of its own.

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Humans arrive on Draconia hoping to establish a colony when they encounter the dragon-like natives. Paranoia by the commander of the survey party leads to a violent misunderstanding, which sparks suspicion among the dragons. Audwin McClance, an en...
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Draconia: Forging Trust (Book 1)

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