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Fable Saunders has been writing since she was a little girl but never quite as naughtily as she does now. Many of her stories start with a grain of truth and then her imagination takes over. This definitely was the case with Hot Stones. As Fable lay face down on the massage table, her mind began to spin, What if? What if? The story flooded in and she rushed home to write it down.

Fable’s favorite books include Wuthering Heights, On Chesil Beach, and The Diviners. Her favorite movies are Moonstruck, 13 Going On 30, and the 2005 version of Pride & Prejudice with Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen. Fable exists on bubbly water, Rice Krispie squares, french fries, and raspberries.

Although Fable is a lover of romance, she sees contemporary courting through a somewhat cynical lens. Currently single, she’s content to wait for a man worthy of her attention, and in the meantime, she writes.

Fable Saunders is the author of five smart, sexy short books: Hot Stones, CHUFF, Postcards and Petticoats, Mother of the Bride, and My Turn. The books can be found together in the boxed set: Fondly Fable.

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Fondly Fable is a collection of short, smart, sexy stories. There are no happily-ever-afters but plenty of happy endings. Hot Stones: As the masseuse begins her work on me, I imagine the sext messages I will send to my lover the minute I get ...
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Fondly Fable
A sexy Victorian story. Set in the early years of the Flapper era, a secretly heartbroken and pining Mabel Flynn is under pressure to leave her father’s care. Options are limited for young women, especially those with a lust for travel and a...
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Postcards and Petticoats
A hot, short, sexy read. Adele is the Mother of the Bride and she has her eye on the groom’s father. But more shakes out at the wedding than Adele expects. Is Tom the one for Adele? Can he live up to her fantasies about him? Will her ex-husb...
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Mother of the Bride
A hot, short, sexy read. After my divorce, my bff, Diane, introduced me to all kinds of new things that I’m not quite sure I’m ready for. Following our enlightening excursion to a sex-toy shop, Diane had more to introduce me to back at...
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My Turn
A hot, short, sexy read. Walter Wolfe is an editorial assistant for CHUFF, a fashion-erotic-glam website. His favorite stories to edit and devour are penned by a mysterious author named Pandora Vox. Walter has long yearned to know Pandora in real ...
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A hot, short, sexy read. As the masseuse begins her work on me, I imagine the sext messages I will send to my lover the minute I get home. Which will he enjoy more: the forceful masseuse exploring my body, or her young male assistant, or both? My ...
Available Now!
Hot Stones

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