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Hello to all, I'm Fae...writer, reader, obssessor about beautiful men doing naughty things with each other.

Anyhoo, I'm 33, single and living in Washington DC with my best friend Melissa and my laptop, George. I've been writing since I could put pen to paper but only in the past two years or so have I begun to look into writing for any kind of profit and not simply for my own pleasure (and sanity because what writer doesn't know that you *have* to write or the muses will drive you batty?).

I have a multitude of projects, both jointly with my co-author, Marguerite, and solo, in the works.  All are of the homoerotic romance genre.

And for a bit of non-writing related tidbits about me, I'm a horrid Sims 2 addict, devour TNA wrestling like a fiend, am addicted to Livejournal
and find absolutely nothing more delicious than reading or writing about two beautiful men together.

Okies, then, that's all for now, if you've read this far you deserve a cookie. *hands out raspberry jam drops to all*

Current Releases
Sex + money shouldn't = love, but since when does the heart follow any laws but its own? Recent college graduate and mathematical genius Skye McCord is determined that this summer he's going to do something he's always wanted to try-li...
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Equation for Love
Sequel to Amber Allure's best-seller Gambling On Maybe...... When Zachary West and Officer Stephen Miranda met two months ago, it shook up Stephen's boring, paint-by-numbers life in ways he'd never expected. Now, though still in th...
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Games Boys Play
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International pop star Remey Dufresne just wants a break from it all. And the idyllic town of Haven, Massachusetts, seems to be the perfect spot to reconnect with his small-town roots and recharge. He doesn't expect special treatment ...
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Blue-Eyed Soul
Six months after freeing his slave Roman and his thrall Aron, Wulfgar finds himself bored with the choices of bed partners in his lands. Thus while on a twice-yearly trip to Londinium to replenish supplies, Wulfgar visits the local slave auction in h...
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Lotus in the Wild
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Joshua's Muse by Fae Sutherland -- coming soon to Ellora's Cave Publishing Columbia University freshman Alex Manetas is entirely out of his element, thrust from his safe circle of tightly knit family and friends into a world where he fee...
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Joshua's Muse
A Tender Rough by Fae Sutherland -- coming soon to Ellora's Cave Publishing When Mason Palmer's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, aka Dixon, Alabama, the only person who can help him get to his destination is mechanic Beau Gaines....
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A Tender Rough
Bee Among The Clover by Fae Sutherland & Marguerite Labbe-- Coming soon to Tease Publishing A slave and an indentured thrall learn what it means to trust and love in 5th century Britain. Roman, a captured slave to Wulfgar, is less th...
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Bee Among The Clover
Exceptions to the Rule By Marguerite Labbe , Fae Sutherland Two men with nothing in common, a strip club on a Tuesday night, and a meeting that will forever change the rules. Nathan Daniels and Jamie Nolan are from two different worlds, but under ...
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Exceptions To The Rule
Snowbound, Lovebound? by Fae Sutherland & Marguerite Labbe-- On sale NOW at Dreamspinner Press When animosity is stripped away, all that's left is desire. Traveling together in snowy New England, Bryan Tam and Jimmy Murphy are at each oth...
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Mr. Right Now

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