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Felicia Chaste began writing as a hobby, but quickly found her erotic romances were in high demand by friends and colleagues. With encouragement she decided to share her stories with a broader audience.  She describes herself and her work with these words. “My stories are explicit, exploring the most basic of our desires and needs, but they are always told in a way that reveals the love of two people truly connected.”

Felicia is a lover of coffee, dogs, men and ice cream - not always in that same order. An avid traveler she currently resides in the Midwest, but her location is always subject to change.

Current Releases
Dylan and Samantha King are passionately devoted to their marriage. They also have four children, two careers and a busy life. When Samantha admits to mommy blues Dylan vows to make certain she knows just how much he loves her, every day and in wa...
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Everyday: an erotic romance

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