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Fiola has always loved to read and cut her teeth on books such as The Forest of Mystery, Edgar Allen Poe, Robin Hood, and Nancy Drew. She grew up a devout tomboy, still reading voraciously but writing too, back when Silicon Valley wasn’t even a gleam in San Jose’s eyes.

She’s experienced life to the fullest, from barrel-racing her Appaloosa to surf-fishing while living in Hawaii. Moving to Oregon has given her even more fodder for her books, offering up amazing history and the ability to go from snow to sand to high desert in the span of just a few short hours.

She lives with her son and marvelous daughter-in-law in beautiful Portland, Oregon, along with Nudge the most affectionate cat. On any given day, if she isn’t writing, she’s playing practical jokes on friends and family, laughing, and seeing plots in every aspect of daily life. Oh, and flirting with possible heroes.

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The last thing Natalie needs in her life is a handsome-as-sin single father living right next door. What she wants to do is shun the world and embrace her broken heart. She regrets snapping at his little girl over something as silly as Christmas ligh...
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Holiday Hearts Awakening

A Peek Into the Life of Fiola Faelan

Most Affectionate Cat, Nudge!

Most Affectionate Cat, Nudge!
Hell bent for leather!

Hell bent for leather!

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