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Current Releases
BROADWAY AT LAST! Since the age of six, Tye Lutierre has dreamed of the moment she steps onto the Broadway stage. In twenty-four hours her dream will be reality. What could go wrong? Almost everything, when she chooses to spend the evening with Philb...
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Serpentine Journey
LAURIE-LISTS! She’s notorious for them. Whether planning her day or her life, Laurie Howard makes lists and organizes everything. She’s married Andy, the love of her life, planning every detail of the home they will share. Then a visit wi...
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Journey Beyond
INNOCENT AS A GEORGIA ROSE… Meg Brown vows her life and dreams won’t follow the narrow aristocratic Southern pretensions of her parents. She’ll never be a debutante nor make a dynastic marriage. Her brother escapes to the Air Forc...
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Innocent Journey
Mickey Brandt's heart is in his nightclub, but the sudden death of his father burdens him with Brandt Enterprises until he can get an administrator. To help manage Mickey's Place and trace irregularities in the nightclub's books, he hires...
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Cowboy After Five
At the height of World War II, Merline fled Santa Rita. Ten years later, when her sister is killed by a car, Merline returns to close the estate, hoping to avoid inevitable questions. Memories make painful companions as she clears the tag ends of the...
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Santa Rita Series
While ordering a birthday gift from a mail order catalog, Lavinia Cates remembers her sister's comment that life would be easier if one could just order a beau the same way. She contemplates the idea and, on a whim, fills out a fantasy order for ...
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Male-Order Catalogue
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Twelve Brides of Christmas   A lot of dreams were put on hold when the bombs hit Pearl Harbor, including Kay and Jeremy’s wedding plans. Now he’s half a world away, injured, and Kay is hiding her worry about his wounds fr...
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Till the World Is Safe for Dreams
Dearly Beloved Wedding coordinator Lucinda Parks is in the business of turning fantasy into reality, but when debonair Jeff Sinclair asks her to create a double wedding for his daughters, she may have met her match. Jeff designs houses, not weddi...
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Double Wedding, Single Dad
When practical-minded rancher Cole Witherspoon decides his ranch needs a woman's touch, he goes about filling the vacancy in the most sensible way. He places a help-wanted ad. He never suspects just how many lessons he'll learn when an out-of...
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Help Wanted: WIFE
Her septuagenarian traveling companions quenched every flicker of pleasure Gillian Banks had anticipated during her trip to England. Then Simon the bus driver, not quite a stranger but definitely an unknown element, challenged Gill to let her own hea...
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Close Encounter with a Crumpet
A sensible young lady in 1835 Louisiana does as her papa directs, especially in matters of matrimony, but Lucienne Toussaint is headstrong and impetuous. She has given her heart to a dashing ladies' man and cannot abide Papa's staid choice, a...
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Bal Masque
Audrey Anderson needs help. A troubled young woman has accused her father, a high school counselor, of rape. Audrey is determined to uncover the truth. She needs Hal Lindstom. But they have history. Getting involved with "The Viking" as ...
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Cry Against the Wind
Santa Rita Series An hour after her wedding, Nina's new husband and his '55 Thunderbird disappear, and the search for him is inconclusive, leaving her married but alone with no answers as to what happened. Waiting for word from him, wo...
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Half Past Mourning

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