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After more than three decades of working in corporate America, Florence Osmund retired to write novels. Since retiring, she has published one novel annually. "I like to craft stories that contain thought-provoking plots, and characters with depth and complexity--particularly ones that challenge readers to survey their own values," Osmund states.

Her website is dedicated to new and aspiring authors and offers considerable writing advice, book promotion and marketing strategies, and many helpful website links.

Osmund currently resides in Chicago where she enjoys all the things that great city has to offer and (of course) reading and writing.

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Current Releases
Cozy mystery writer Margaret Manning thinks her husband may be mimicking the behavior of some of the shadier characters in her books, even though he claims to have never read any of them. When several pieces of her jewelry go missing, she wonders if ...
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They Called Me Margaret
Forced to choose between cultivating a satisfying life for himself and rescuing his dysfunctional family members from their certain demise causes Marc to question the importance of family. Does Marc save his relatives from their ill-fated lives, or s...
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Living with Markus
Things that happen to you in the past can mold you into someone you’re not. After recovering from the shock of her parents perishing in a tragic accident, Grace Lindroth discovers clues in their attic that cause her to believe the people she...
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Regarding Anna
Imagine feeling like an outsider. Now imagine feeling like an outsider in your own family. Lee Oliver Winekoop is born into extreme wealth, but despite his near genius IQ, he doesn?t have the resourcefulness to realize any of its benefits. His mot...
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Red Clover
The year is 1949, and twenty-four-year-old Marie Marchetti has just discovered her father?s identity, the father she never knew. She hopes the invitation from him to spend two weeks with her newfound family over Thanksgiving will help uncover vital t...
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1945 Chicago. Newlyweds Marie Marchetti and her husband, Richard, have the perfect life together. Or at least it seems until Marie discovers cryptic receipts hidden in their basement and a gun in Richard's desk drawer. When she learns he secretly...
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The Coach House

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