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After my divorce, I left Australia and moved to London, where I worked as a nanny for a year, travelling around the world with the family I worked for. I met my present husband in London, worked in the catering business for 10 years and travelled extensively. Now retired, I live in a flat beside a strip of cottages, which nestle together along the old Roman road from London to St Albans, backed by riding stables and facing a stand of trees before open fields. Boudicca is said to have fought the last battle of the ancient Britons against the Roman Empire close by.

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Book Five Of The Higher Ground Series. After the great flood destroyed civilization, a newly-wed couple must prove their love, despite every opposition. Working in her vegetable garden, Ginny's singing tames a wild dog, which she names Sentry....
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Seaweed Ribbons

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Long Doom Calling
After the great flood destroyed civilization, Cerridwen gains the unlikely support of a band of adventurers on her quest to lead Britland into a better future. As they row along the coast of Corn World to reach Long Doom and find a powerful ring, ...
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Golden Submarine (Book 3 Higher Ground series)
After a great flood destroyed civilization, a band of adventurers hunting for treasure challenges Cerridwen's quest to lead Britland into a better future. She and her friends race against their rivals to Saint Eyes, where they h...
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Knights in Dark Leather
Corn World. Britland. After the great flood, only memories, debris and derelict buildings speak of a past civilization. Visions of these disturbing times haunt Cerridwen's dreams. When her dying mother sends Cerridwen to find a ...
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Wind Over Troubled Waters

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