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  It is not unusual for the girls of the Phi Gamma Beta sorority house to be agitated on Friday afternoons, given that they are all routinely paddled on Friday nights before bed. However this day's feelings are caused by the impen...
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The Spanking Sorority - Vol. 5
A real college mixer night is organised. This is an opportunity where the girls can mix with boys their own ages and who share some of the same interests. It is supposed to be an alcohol-free party, strictly chaperoned by Phi Gamma Beta's stri...
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The Spanking Sorority - Vol. 4
First year college student Amy Mathieson is to report to her sorority house of Phi Gamma Beta to sign up as a pledge and begin her orientation. She has already been informed by her older sister and her mother, both former members of Phi Gamma Beta...
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The Spanking Sorority - Vol. 1
  Amy Mathieson is a freshman member of the college's most exclusive sorority, Phi Gamma Beta. Stevie, the sisterhood's current housemother, attributes the success of the sorority to the application of strict discipline within the...
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The Spanking Sorority - Vol. 2
Phi Gamma Beta (PGB) has a long standing relationship with the fraternity of Phi Sigma Tau (PST), and the time has come for Howard, the housemaster of PST, and Stevie, the housemother of PGB, to reactivate a long dormant tradition. It differs slig...
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The Spanking Sorority - Vol. 3
Big Sister  Young Jeff cannot believe his luck when his attractive neighbour Bobbi insists on helping him move in to his new home. In spite of her diminutive stature, Jeff finds that Bobbi isn't the sort of girl to argue with - she is v...
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Big Sister

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