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Ryland Sanders, a feisty, no-nonsense cop, protects her heart with her smart mouth. She has no friends, and every partner she's ever had gave up on her long ago. When paired with a new cop, Ry, pulls out all stops to get rid of him.  Kane N...
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The Web Cleanser
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Daphne Wilcox is a tough as nails cop, determined to stop the Heart In Hand killer. She has a history with Bryce that she can't fight. She left him because he was a daredevil, and she keeps her feet on the ground, working by the book. Trigger is ...
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Heart in Hand
Shot and nearly drowned, psychic Sergeant Julie Dennison is saved by a handsome rebel leader who's searching for his kidnapped son.   When Sergeant Julie Dennison is shot and nearly drowned, she's saved by a handsome Latino stranger ...
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Minx Juliette: Toxic Tango Troop 2
An elite team of soldiers are trapped in the Mexican rainforest. Jinn's twin sister is dying, while Tab searches for his kidnapped sister. Using their psychic abilities, they must work together or die trying.   A team that doesn't ex...
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Jinn & Toxic (Toxic Tango Troop Series, Book One)

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