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Fraser Hay is a former Scottish and UK SHELL livewire, Royal Bank of Scotland & Princes Trust Scotland Business Winner, and founder of Grow Your Business® Club.

Author of 11 Kindle books on Amazon, he has helped many owners, managers and investors of hundreds of small businesses in 20+ countries across the globe to identify and address over 100,000 marketing issues, challenges and obstacles in the last 20 years.

Fraser has over 300 videos on You Tube, been featured on national TV, and both the online and offline media. He has over 400 testimonials on the UK's oldest social network and in just one 90 Minute engagement, he identified over 500 marketing issues and over £5m in opportunity cost for the assembled business audience at an Audi Dealership in Hatfield, Hertfordshire.

The video of participant's feedback from that one event is included in his kindle book "The 3 Minute Marketing Audit".

Unlike other marketing professionals who offer prescriptive marketing advice, Fraser prefers to challenge readers, members and clients to identify what's holding them back and preventing them from achieving their marketing objectives.

Fraser helps his readers, members and clients to identify and confirm the symptoms they are experiencing, then after analysing and diagnosing the marketing problem need or frustration, they are encouraged to implement simple, effective & proven tactics & strategies whilst reporting on their progress and results.

He does this by breaking down the entire marketing process into small results oriented steps with the help of his powerful, proven and effective 4 step MRI process, then gently takes the reader, member or client through a simply process of documenting and EXECUTING their marketing plan of action.

Readers are guaranteed to make progress with what Fraser shares when they apply what they read, document their findings and continue to execute and refine their plan.

In each of his books, Fraser shares practical, proven principles, techniques, strategies, concepts and ideas that readers can implement immediately, to start generating the progress and results that they want with their marketing.

For the serious minded marketer, and for owners and managers wanting additional help, guidance and support with guaranteed progress, Fraser has created an excellent resource - The Grow Your Business® Club where he shares some of his advanced techniques with his growing army of members.

If you have questions or wish to discuss possible collaborations, speaking engagements, training or consultancy opportunities, Fraser can be contacted via his Linkedin profile at

If you run, own or manage a small business or are considering self-employment, you may also want to claim a FREE membership at his Grow Your Business® Club available at

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Fraser J Hay

Fraser J Hay

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