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I received my BA from Eastern New Mexico University, my Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, and a Post-doctoral fellowship to study mammalian sexual behavior at UC-Berkeley. My teaching has included stops as a visiting professor at several U.S. universities and in Canada, Kenya, New Zealand, England, Turkey, Singapore, and Holland. I’ve lectured to medical doctors for their continuing medical education credits about expectation effects, alternatives to psychiatric drugs, and medical decision-making; and to football coaches about steroids and other forms of drug abuse. Some of my books are Drugs and Behavior, The REAL drug Abusers, and Evaluating Scientific Research.

In my spare time I enjoy trying to grow fruits and vegetables (not very successfully-- grew up in Brooklyn, didn’t see a tree until I was 20), trying to solve cryptic crossword puzzles, and playing basketball with a bunch of other over-the-hill players.

I've been married since Abraham Lincoln took office and have two daughters, a son-in-law, and two grandchildren, all of whom bring me great joy.

Current Releases
The book is on radical skepticism-- the position that we cannot be certain of anything but uncertainty.
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The Deep Uncertainty of Existence
From a review: The book is 'applied epistemology' – in particular, 'applied radical skepticism'. What should we accept or believe? Applying some deep and traditional philosophical ideas, Leavitt advises us: 'Not much at all. Maybe nothing....
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The Deep Uncertainty of Existence

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