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Freya Garth comes from ancient Celtic stock with a genetically useful mix of Irish, Welsh and Scottish forebears.  At her birth, the fairies gave her a lively imagination, a positive outlook and a great deal of determination.  She is tall, quite slim, with white skin, dark hair with silver streaks, and eyes that change from blue to green to grey depending on the light and what she is wearing.  She lives in a sleepy English market town with her beloved partner and their three adorable cats. When she is not writing about imaginary worlds, her favourite occupations are reading, cooking, socialising, and confounding stereotypes.  It has taken her years to learn to write well enough to be published, and she loves the idea that her stories can entertain people. 

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  Doraya escapes a life of drudgery thanks to attractive dragon rider Goril and his sexy dragon Fiami. Then she discovers that throwing in her lot with Goril and Fiami means she has inadvertently become the sexual property of their whole ...
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Dragon Rider's Woman
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