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Jess is possessed of an unwavering love for Zendara, and for her husband, Gedeaddon. But these are the times that try men’s souls, and Jess finds herself locked into a life of unimaginable hell. What has she done to deserve such a fate? She bel...
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Zendara Avenged
Jess’s self-doubts have blinded her to the reality of her own beauty. She feels herself unworthy of Gedeaddon’s heart, little suspecting she has had it for many years. Jess still holds onto her guilt over the death of little Em from so lo...
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Zendara: Betrayed
Be careful what you wish for… Jess is growing into a woman, but she doesn’t have the first idea what that actually means. Feelings she doesn’t understand trouble her waking hours…and haunt her dreams as well. Her feelings f...
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Zendara Rises
Orphaned at a young age, Jess learns to survive as best she can. The world is a rough place, and a grandmother’s love can only do so much. She’s watched over by long-time friend Gedeaddon. Although he has a rough exterior, Jess sees his h...
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Zendara: Begins

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