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We've all known those people who seemed a little strange, a little weird. Your third-grade teacher. The old man down the street. People you were sure just couldn't have been human. You were right. A Glimpse Beyond The Veil shows ...
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A Glimpse Beyond the Veil
The holidays are a time for egg nog, Christmas carols, gift giving, and endless re-runs of classic movies on TV. A time for reflection, joy, and of course those inevitable holiday feuds. It is an occasion for spending time with your family...and outr...
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I Believe
In the future, felons convicted of capitol crimes are given an option called the Last Wish: in exchange for thirty days of relative freedom, the condemned foregoes all appeals and accepts that a sentence of death will be carried out some time after t...
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Pretty Baby is a novel about a young woman who goes from sexual innocence to the life of a call girl.  Beginning as a carefree prostitute offering her oral skills in exchange for what she desires from men at the local mall, Alyssa eventually hos...
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Pretty Baby

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