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The blade of justice is a double-edged sword. Betrayed by several members of her crew, Erica now finds herself in a race to beat the clock. A rare poison injected into the king’s blood from the blade of her sword, threatens his life. Eric...
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Sword of Judgement

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Sword of Betrayal
Abandoned at birth, afflicted with an incurable skin disease, she leads a lonely life. In her teens, she is miraculously cured, but with that cure comes the discovery of supernatural powers, ones she needs to hide from the world. Her whole life ch...
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Citrine's Awakening
Molly Clayton is stunned when she receives the news that she's inherited a large estate from some unknown uncle. However, the letter is vague and it demands utter secrecy. If she doesn't accept the terms, she'll still inherit a decent amo...
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Magic Clicks
The only way Tara has survived is by stealing from the Chosen, the oppressors that now rule the few remaining people on Earth, called the outsiders. After she is forcibly taken and a pregnancy is the consequence, she gives birth to a diseased, stillb...
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Nascency Day
On her first day at work, Megan met Mark Engler. Having lost trust in the male species, she resisted falling for him, but how could any woman help falling for the gorgeous, out-of-this-world hunk? Mark Engler, a playboy, had no intentions of settl...
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Deadly Passions: An Epiphany
Nittya, space explorer, travels to a distant galaxy. When her pod malfunctions and hurls toward an alien planet, she knows the end has come. The afterlife she never believed existed was nothing like her parents had imagined and talked about when s...
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Twisted Ice
When Janna White takes her annual vacation and decides to drown the ache of losing her beloved on a tropical island, she has no clue where it will lead her.   Janna is heartbroken when her fiancé disappears. To heal her wounds and b...
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  Cathy inherits a small fortune which allows her and her two lovers to live the quiet life in a sheltered cafe and motel. During a stormy evening of creative sex play, they are interrupted by two young people looking for shelter. &nb...
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How It All Started
  Was it normal for a fashion designer to ask a new model to strip so he could inspect her from head to toe to get a feel for her shape, size and sensitivities?           Bumping into her b...
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Inviting the Devil
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