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Gabriella Como is a writer of suburban erotica, delving into the minds and souls of real people, with short stories based on real life events. Her work is geared toward the suburban, educated woman who needs an escape and seeks reality-based stories that can transport her away from her world into one that's not that far away.

Gabriella spent most of her career in advertising agencies, writing and coming up with big ideas for clients. She has turned that creative fire into her passion: documenting the secret lives of suburban women. Each short story she has written is based on a real-life encounter. Gabriella sources her material through interviews and deep, quiet conversations. Her ability to get women to talk is also a talent few have, and she leverages this as fuel for her writing.

Gabriella lives in Chicago with her real estate mogul husband, who does not know she writes erotica.

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A Note From Gabriella Como

Dear Authors,

Alas, my advertising career is petering out, but that doesn't mean my creative chops are too. So I am turning to writing. I really have no idea of how to do it other than write a good story that rewards the reader with a good, intelligent plot and design some passion into it. The sound thinking that went into my ad campaigns in the past goes into my writing. Contemporary characters that you can readily imagine, some being taken from real life, populate my stories. I write in such a way as to say "thank you" for reading, and supplying meaningful connections so that all characters are critical to the story.

I ask that you read and review my work. It will help me greatly.

Thank you for your time.



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