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Born and raised in Ohio, Gabriella is the youngest of five children of Italian immigrant parents who enjoyed seeing their children reading in English. That is, until they realized what the Valley of the Dolls was about. Growing up with two older sisters who loved reading romance; especially Harlequin, Gabriella found her niche so well she decided she’d try her hand at writing it. She writes all sub-genres of romance, the steamier the better, and she ain’t sorry for it!

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Current Releases
  Keira Jane Nesmith, a by-the-book FBI agent, never dreamed she’d be working a sex club to solve a friend’s murder. But she’s vowed nothing will stand in her way to get to the truth, not even the scorching attraction sh...
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Keira's Promise
Emie Sinclair-Douglas is ready to face her demons when she comes home for her father’s wedding. Getting Josiah, “Cut” Cutler out of her system may be harder than she thought, but she needs to move on, even if he’s not playi...
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Until Emie

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