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Gabrielle F. Culmer

Gabrielle F. Culmer is a lawyer and the author of four novels and two collections of poetry.  In addition, she has university degrees from New York, Chicago and the United Kingdom. She enjoys traveling to Europe and researching history in her spare time.


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Mindy and Blaine enjoy a life of marital bliss in upstate New York.  The fire is still lit on their marriage as they still experience romantic dates in the Hamptons, however, Mindy realizes that she wants more and that is to start a family. S...
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Where Lives Lead
Kascey Kann is a focused, cutting-edge fashion designer ready to take New York City by storm. She is in the process of breaking away from her current employer and starting her own clothing line. Meanwhile, her financier boyfriend, Grady Chisholm, is ...
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Restoring Patterns

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