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Gabrielle Holly lives in the Midwest United States with her husband and two enormous, world-class-shedding dogs. She has worked as a freelance journalist, newspaper humour columnist, stand-up comic and morning radio show host. She has a short attention span and enjoys reading, cooking, crafting, hunting for antiques, attending live theater, watching movies, spending time outdoors, and coercing her husband into being her “research assistant.”

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Gabby loves to hear from her readers and can be contacted at:

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Current Releases
Book Three in the Ghost Encounters series. A reluctant spiritual medium, a sexy television ghost hunter and a resentful movie-house ghost create a dangerous love triangle. Psychic medium Toni Bianchi’s love triad with sexy TV ghost h...
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Stage Fright
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Haunted by dark dreams of his former life, Bjorn uncovers his true destiny and sets out to claim what is rightfully his. Headstrong Kadlin follows him on his quest and is taken captive by the one who would steal Bjorn’s birthright. Will the ...
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Rescuing Kadlin
Book two in the Ghost Encounters Series A reluctant spiritual medium, a sexy TV ghost hunter and a handsome telepath create a love triangle so hot even the dead can’t ignore it. Newly-single and without a job or a place to call home...
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A Triple Scoop of I Scream
Still mourning the death of her beloved father, Kadlin is sent to live with her only remaining family and soon finds herself offered up to an aging jarl as payment for her uncle’s gambling debt. The handsome, enigmatic Viking who is tasked w...
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Delivering Kadlin
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Book one in the Ghost Encounters Series A reluctant spiritual medium, an insatiable Civil War ghost, and a sexy TV ghost hunter create an otherworldly love triangle. When Toni Bianchi decides to chuck her high-stress career and mooching n...
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Soldier of Love
Deena can’t help but fantasise about the hot handyman she meets next door. She’s certain that the gorgeous blond has exactly the tool she needs. Curvy, quirky Deena Stevens never quite fitted in. She feels especially out of place i...
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Mr. Fix-It

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