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Is Louisa Abbott a witch? The villagers, who saw her burn the ship where her doctor husband’s body lay with others who had died of an unnamed illness, believe so. Even worse, she communicates with animals. No one, other than her Native friends,...
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: Bandit's Bride
When a bull-riding accident ends Ross Turner’s rodeo career, he hermits himself away on a remote farm in New Brunswick. Depressed and disheartened, he’s determined to leave his cowboy life behind. Beautiful Jessi Wallace, sent to help hi...
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Cowboy Confessions
Captain Caleb Cameron and First Mate Duncan MacDougal need money to set themselves up as legitimate privateers during the war between the British and the new United States of America. With the prizes they’ll conquer, they will be rich, so they ...
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Privateer's Princess
Museum archivist Danielle Burgess is headed for a romantic weekend getaway with the new man in town when she suddenly finds herself a fugitive running from the law, accused of stealing valuable antiquities. She doesn’t question the ease with wh...
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Phantom and the Fugitive
Veterinarian Dr. Madison Todd is a woman on a crusade to shut down her town’s major industry—a pulp and paper mill. She believes emissions from it killed her father and no one is going to stop her…not even a handsome blue-eyed cowb...
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Cowboy and the Crusader
After losing his family in the Scottish Clearances, Harry Wallace becomes infamous for his clever revenge on the ruling English upper class, but his success can last only so long. With the shadow of a noose hanging over him, he barely escapes with hi...
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Highland Harry
For the past fifteen years, I’ve been writing Christmas stories for various magazines. Each year as I sit down to compose yet another, I feel a pleasant warmth flood into my heart. Each year I draw on memories to inspire my tales and carry me i...
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How My Heart Finds Christmas
Trapped in a life of 1820s drudgery in her brother's tavern, Heather Grey is desperate to escape not only the bleak future of the rural English inn but the brutish attentions of the lout who is determined to marry her. When her brother is found d...
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Heather for a Highlander
Starr Reynolds is determined to fight her way out of a life of poverty and violence, and  she's not above using her beauty and feminine wiles.  But when she marries into wealth and position, she discovers the path leads to despair for a...
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Shadows of Love
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"Nothing but a counterfeit cowboy." That's how veterinarian and horse farm owner Dr. Shelby Masters contemptuously describes the number-one male country music singer.  Strapped for cash when her prize stallion is stolen, she is ...
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Counterfeit Cowboy
Youthful dreams of romance shattered, Allison Armstrong is a hard-nosed businesswoman with no illusions of happily ever after for her future.  Then her grandfather's will leaves her bound in a property settlement to the very man who destr...
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Rogue's Revenge
Beautiful, vivacious Emma Prescott has a love-'em-and-leave-'em reputation.  Fact is, Emma's holding off for a hero.  When she moves to a cabin at wilderness Loon Lake and meets her one neighbour, biology professor Frasier Ma...
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Holding Off for a Hero
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Big-city lawyer Michaela Dunn stepped in to give her aunt & uncle a break from their bed-and-breakfast lodge in the wilds of northern New Brunswick, but the neighborhood bully from her schooldays taunts and torments her and wants to put the lo...
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Ghost of Winters Past
When a thief and a notorious privateer get together, there is no doubt sparks will fly. With a necklace that once belonged to Marie Antoinette hidden in her bodice and a pack of hounds at her heels, Emma Prescott flees from the prospect of a l...
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Caledonian Privateer

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