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I was a 9-1-1 dispatcher for thirty-one years and to keep insanity at bay, I took up writing. Not to worry. The insanity isn’t catching – much. Other than the addiction to chocolate and the twitch in my left eye, I’m good. I’ve had my weird but true stories published in newspapers and magazines.

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05/03/2018 General

Two awesome reviews of Shenanigans:

Shenanigans: Just finished this awesome book. It was a quick read and I was laughing constantly.


Fast and funny – 5 stars!!

02/03/2018 Review

 Gail Koger shows a true talent for comedic Sci-fi

I loved Crossing Quinn from the constantly fainting mother, to the sassy comebacks of the heroine.

The TBR Pile gave Crossing Quinn a 5 star - MUST READ rating!!  The banter is seriously entertaining and the action intense. The more pages I read the more I am swept into the author’s sci-fi world.

08/03/2017 General

 Gail makes you laugh as her characters go on amazing adventures 5 stars for Game on Askole

07/09/2017 General

4 star review of Game on Askole - A zany sci-fi romance. It's a hilarious and sizzling hot romp across the galaxy.

5 star review of Game on Askole - I fell in love with this book from page 1.

04/16/2017 General

 GAME ON ASKOLE - the next in the Coletti Warlord series is coming to a galaxy near you this summer.


Tihar travels to Earth to find and claim a Jones’ female. He knows they are fearless, psychic warriors and talented in bed sport. Ten minutes after meeting Sarah, Tihar knows the feisty, little human is the one he has been searching for. Now he must convince Sarah, she’s meant to be his.


The first-time Sarah sees Tihar, she a bit freaked out. The Askole warrior has tentacles, snakelike features and black armored-plated skin. Even weirder she finds him strangely attractive. Tihar’s torso is sculpted perfection and his black scales are kind of sexy. Who knew challenging Tihar to combat would start the Askole mating dance. He thinks Earth girls are easy and he’s about to learn messing with a Jones female is never a good idea.



As the two grow closer, their romance comes to a screeching halt when Askole rebels attack Tihar’s home world. He tells Sarah she is his heart’s destiny and he will love her to the end of time. He abruptly severs their mental bond and disappears. Reeling from shock, Sarah won’t let a galactic war stop her from locating Tihar. Can the two of them find their way back into each other’s arms?

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A Note From Gail Norma Koger

Sophia 's Reviews > Vexing Voss

Vexing Voss by Gail Koger


bookshelves: sci-fi-romance
Read in October, 2013

I was tipped off about a really good Sci-Fi Romance by a fellow reader from Good Reads who shares my interests and yeah, baby am I glad I heeded her recommendation. I've never had so much fun with a Sci-Fi Romance in my life. It had all these crazy wonderful elements going for it and I ended all hopped up on those happy endorphins that laughter, sizzling passion, awesome characters and world building can give you.

Cautionary note: This is not for those high-minded folk who take their Sci-Fi too seriously. The book tells a fun, swashbuckling alien adventure romance tale that doesn't take itself too seriously. It was like the original Star Wars movies in a way. This is for those of us who love our strong sassy earth heroine who braves big bad alpha aliens for the heck of it even as she dispenses her own brand of humor, whoop-butt and sexy in equal doses as needed to the dense, thick-headed males around her who try to use her, kill her, or under-estimate her.

This story takes the approach that we are not alone in this universe. The earth was initiated brutally when the squicky human-devouring Tai Kok attacked and decimated large portions of the population uniting the people of earth to fight this common enemy. In the eleventh hour when hope was lost, a new alien race factored into things. The Coletti discovered that there were human females who were gifted with psychic abilities and thus were compatible to their males. The Coletti were a dying race because their females were mostly destroyed, but now in exchange for help in fighting off the Tai Kok, the Coletti warriors would be given all the psychic women as breed mates.

Naturally there were a few women who weren't up for this plan and they hid. Zoey is one of them. She hides what she is both from her own greedy, ambitious father who would hand her over as a breeder in a NYC minute to get what he wanted. Zoey pretends to be human and mousy even while she secretly hunts down her mother's murderer and the traitors within the humans who betrayed their own for profit. Somehow, she hasn't fooled everyone because she finds herself within the sights of the Coletti Warrior Commander no less. She leads him on a merry chase while trying to pull off her own well-laid plans.

Unfortunately, Voss, the Commander, is the commander for a reason. She can't shake him or best him so her only option is to cut a deal to which he shockingly agrees. Zoey becomes Voss' mate and he partners with her to track down the murderer and traitors. Their dubious partnership sets off a whole new series of adventures for both of them and it was a wild, rambunctious ride to the very end.

The story is told all from Zoey's point of view. Let me say, I loved her to death as a narrator. I snorted and flat out belly laughed so much I thought I would pee my pants. She is so outrageous and her mouth gets her into so much trouble. She operates on adrenaline and tons of luck more than plotting and skill though she does that too. Her moral compass is on the acceptable side of right, but she's not afraid to fight dirty or kick up her heels for the heck of it. Zoey was no shrinking violet when it came to mating Voss. Zoey cracked me up when she got a look at Voss' unique alien plumbing and jumped at the chance for an up close and personal. She admitted her attraction and got her sexy on, but this didn't mean that she would let him take away her freedom to decide for herself or be who she wanted to be. He was this huge, buff competent warrior with scary strong mental abilities, but Zoey thumbed her nose at him and went about doing what she needed to do. 'Take me the way I am or get the heck out of my way' was her attitude that left that poor bewildered male crossed up with a strong dose of respect, frustration, and irritation. It was hilarious.

After Zoey and her thing with Voss, my other favorite aspect of the story was meeting all those new alien races and worlds that she encountered through her adventures. Best part of any Sci-Fi story for me. Those worm things revolted me, but I loved all her alien friends even the huge ones that ate anything and I mean anything.

It wrapped up a bit quick for me, but its part of a series so I assume we'll meet up with everyone again in the next book to check back in with how they're doing.

As to reading it as a stand alone, it can be done. I did it and that's saying something. It has a good enough prologue and beginning that gets the reader settled right into the world before it takes off with the story.

This one is for all those who enjoy sizzling hot alien romance mixed with a lot of humor and adventure.

Side notes: For those like myself who enjoyed this book and want the earlier stories, I wrote the author and discovered that the first two books are unavailable for purchase at the moment because her publisher went out of business and she's trying to get the rights back. Join me in impatiently waiting for the book gods to rain down their powers to free up these stories.

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My younger days as a 9-1-1 dispatcher

My younger days as a 9-1-1 dispatcher
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