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Gina is a submissive for rent in an exclusive BDSM group. Well, technically, she’s earned the honorary title of slave, for being such an obedient bitch. As a sub for hire, Gina loves putting herself at the mercy of paying sadists. The proble...
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Slave Girl for Rent
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By the twenty-first century, Germany has all but taken over the world. Only one nation remains untouched…America. Only spies slip in and out of enemy territory. Within this shadowy and dangerous world of cloak and dagger, Isabel Riley is an...
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Captured by the SS
Jacqueline is the newest slave in an exclusive BDSM group called the Dark Masters. As such, she is expected to follow only three simple rules. Rule one, obey. Rule two, submit. Rule three, see rules one and two. Although the rules ...
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Lucifer's Slave

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