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Author of the hilarious Miller Sisters Mystery series, Gale Borger brings to life the small town of White Bass Lake, Wisconsin and its wacky inhabitants in Totally Buzzed, a madcap romp through murder and mayhem.

Second in the series, Totally Fishy is an uproariously funny tale complete with a pole dancing granny and two bumbling hit men who can’t seem to bump off the right guy!  Fishy will be available in May, 2011.

Gale is published by Echelon Press.

Gale’s short story,Totally Decked, was out in time for Christmas, 2010. In it, love is brewing for Fred Miller and the owner of the coffee shop next door, while the very naughty Santa-for-hire is headed for a permanent “Silent Night!”


On March 15th, 2011, Gale's first YA book for reluctant readers/eBook short story series began, but reluctant readers are not the only ones reading this series! 

The Olive Branch Mystery series centers on a garden center where teens in trouble or on probation live and work off their court-ordered community service hours by doing gardening work in and around town. Five kids discover the dead body of a young prostitute in an alley, and decide to investigate. Death of a Garden Hoe is available on an e-reader near you! Also keep an eye out for Digging up Dirt, Kill me Over the Garden Gate, You Say Tomahto, and I Say you're Dead, Hosta La Vista, Baby!, and Everything's Coming up Roses.

With over 20 years in law enforcement-the last sisteen years as a correctional officer, Gale has extensive experiences from which to draw material for her books. Growing up in a screwball household with a lifetime of bad jokes and great laughter, lends much humor to her writing. As Gale puts it, “I’ve always been told ‘write what you know,’ and I know bad guys and funny stuff, with a little gardening thrown in for good measure.”

Gale earned a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and a Master’s Degree in Education. She lives in Southeastern Wisconsin with her husband Bob, their sometimes-seen college student (dragging behind her, a trombone and her dirty laundry), two cats, about 1,000 tropical fish, a Pac-man frog, and more flowers in her yard than grass. Visit Gale at

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Current Releases
Cotton candy, corn dogs, and another corpse! As Buzz Miller and Sheriff J.J. Green pull yet another senior citizen out of a dumpster at the county fair, the town folk of White Bass Lake, Wisconsin realize something totally evil is afoot. Three bod...
Available Now!
Totally Evil
Buzz Miller is up to her hip waders in trouble…again. Two South American scientists swim in dangerous waters while assassins stalk them. A world-famous tropical fish collector is on a mountaintop involved in something very shady and totally...
Available Now!
Totally Fishy
Pone is determined to find out who killed a young prostitute, but his plan just got flushed down the toilet. Shroom refuses to help, no one can find Spaz, and Bean and Cash are totally useless. Determined to find answers, Pone uses his hacking ski...
Available Now!
Olive Branch Mystery #2: Diggin up Dirt
            A six installment, short story, eBook for reluctant readers, Death of a Garden Hoe is definitely a different kind of eBook.   The Olive Branch Garden Center is not all...
Available Now!
Olive Branch Mystery #1: Death of a Garden Hoe
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Everyone knows those Miller sisters are something else, but Mark Malone has no idea. The holidays are just around the corner and Mark is in White Bass Lake to open the newest of his family's coffee shops. His sister is supposed to be runn...
Available Now!
Totally Decked
Buzz Miller, retired detective and eldest of four daughters argues with her sister Fred as she is roped in to searching for an ugly floor lamp in the crawlspace of their parent’s farmhouse. She dragged out what she thought was the lamp, but ...
Available Now!
Totally Buzzed

A Peek Into the Life of Gale D Borger

Totally Buzzed Book #1 in the Miller Sisters Mysteries

Totally Buzzed Book #1 in the Miller Sisters Mysteries
Totally Decked: A Miller Sisters Christmas short story

Totally Decked: A Miller Sisters Christmas short story
Totally Fishy: Available 2011: Bok #2 in the Miller Sisters Mysteries

Totally Fishy: Available 2011: Bok #2 in the Miller Sisters Mysteries

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