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Starting with a 1980 creative writing class at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, I have felt the need to write adventure novels. Toward that end I have studied under mentors John Tigges, Carolyn Banks, and many others. Also, I have completed a number of correspondence writing courses to better learn the craft. I loved the Allan Quartermain series and have written a number of adventure novels in an attempt at joining in all the fun. I've been writing unpublished works for over ten years, but now have a number of published, or soon to be published, works to my credit. Of course I continue working on a number of WIP's that will someday, hopefully, find a home in the book industry. A sample of my novel works follows (


my screenplay, Walker’s Juju is detailed below the novel samples):

1) The Mbuji Juju is a romance/adventure story that takes place in Africa. A lady needs help but her hero is an unlikely local who shanghaies her into undertaking an amazing adventure. .

WGA 971343 88430 Words

2) The Dead Still Walk is a psychological Thriller/Adventure story that ranges from the US to Guatemala to the Kukulcan pyramids of Mexico. A man's past catches up to him.

WGA 1325826 83429 Words

3) The 3-Legged Camel is an Adventure/Treasure hunt story that ranges from Somalia to Timbuktu to the sands of the Sahara.

WGA 1346020 91130 Words

4) The Frozen Detaunt is an Adventure/Exploration story that ranges from icy Antarctica to the expanse of the previous USSR and ultimately to the lost city of Atlantis.

WGA 1346693 81200 Words

5) The Devil's Crown is an Adventure/Romance story that follow the search for a crown stored by the Devil after he is thrown out of heaven. It is reported to possess all his powers and the man that wears it will be forever doomed.

6) Pestilence is the tale of carnivorous insects that have mutated from ravenous grasshoppers-mostly due to toxic waste mingling with genetically altered crop seed. When the U.S. Army arrives, ostensibly to put down the menace, the farming community soon learn to their horror, they are under orders to exterminate more than mere insects.

WGA 1350205 125,229 Words.

All six novels are published by or are contracted to be published by Whiskey Creek Press.



My screenplay, Walker’s Juju is based on my novel, The Mbuji Juju and it is registered by WGA #1569045 (Producer, Lee Levinson has helped me hone it and is helping me promote it).



Log Line: He forced her to accompany him on an adventure; together they will rewrite history. The synopsis follows:



Placed in Africa, American Johnny Walker, an apparent African barfly, has an irreverent, caustic way about him. When he meets the naive, sometimes comical Harlow, it is not under the best of circumstances. Harlow has narrowly escaped the clutches of the local police who have taken offence to the prospect of a feature exposé© on them she plans to write for her daddy’s newspaper. The corrupt and immoral cops have plans to throw her in a jail that makes bug infested Mexican hoosgows seem tame in comparison. Understandably, Harlow needs to leave town post-haste. She is drawn to Walker who has the only airplane that hasn’t been overbooked. Walker finds Harlow’s plight comical and he initially tells her to get lost. But when he is falsely accused of murder, he leaps out a second story window taking a very reluctant Harlow with him. He later consoles Harlow by telling her he will be flying south and she is welcome to accompany him. Though Harlow agrees, the two bicker continually. Walker makes her pay dearly for her decision by his caustic sense of humor.



In the harrowing, life-threatening adventures to follow the two strike a shaky truce. But Harlow is mortified when Walker cons her into abetting him as he chases after an incredible diamond stash secreted in an old abandoned mine. Once inside the mine, evidence of World War II Nazi delves into the occult, and modern day Nazi conspiracies, lead the two to believe the authoritarian historical accounts of how and when Hitler was killed will have to be re-written. Then suddenly the whole mountain explodes. The problem now is, as the stalactites began to fall and the lava of an emerging volcano creeps ever closer, how the dickens are they going to live long enough for Harlow to write about their findings, and maybe get a Pulitzer prize for the effort?



I can forward the complete screenplay on request.



----Gary Towner



1716 Oak Drive



Fernley, Nevada 89408



Phone: 775-835-0998 

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An Army Colonel, under orders to vacate an underground Bio-Chem research bunker at the close of World War II, illegally buries toxic waste in an isolated Keyly, Kansas farmer’s field. Forty-five years later, a brown odorous slime saturates t...
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The Three-Legged Camel

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The Frozen Detaunt

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The Dead Still Walk

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The Mbuji Juju
Army Colonel, under orders to vacate an underground research bunker at the close of World War II, illegally buries toxic waste in an isolated Kansas field not far from the town of Keyly. I is the begining of a great tragedy.
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