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Gavin Atlas is an author predominantly of gay (or M/M) erotica.  His stories are frequently called “fun, wild sex romps” although he occasionally delves into romance or conversely, into darker themes.  He is the author of The Boy Can’t Help: Sensual Stories of Young Bottoms (Lethe Press 2010), a collection of stories that hit #1 for six weeks on TLA’s Gay Fiction and Erotica bestseller list.  His erotic vampire novella, Slave to Shadows (Excessica Publishing 2009) was a top seller for the publisher.  He is also the author of “La Playita” (Excessica re-release 2012), a short piece detailing a college boy’s passionate seduction by the locals during spring break in the tropics of Costa Rica.  Gavin’s stories can also be found in anthologies from Alyson Books, Bold Strokes Books, Cleis Press, Circlet Press, and Lethe Press.  His story “Which Way to Dominance” is exclusively available in How the West Was Done from Ravenous Romance. 

Gavin is now the publicist for Excessica Publishing.


As for his background, Gavin grew up mainly in Scarsdale, NY and then attended college at George Washington University where he came out and began writing a popular ‘zine about the DC club scene.  He then lived in Manhattan where he worked briefly for publishers such as Putnam and Viking. He then move to Richmond, Virginia which turned out to be a difficult place for finding friendship, but there is a reason why a great number of Gavin’s wildest stories about aggressive older tops are set in that city.  Six  years later he moved to Houston, Texas where he now resides.  After struggling with literary writing for many years, Gavin began writing erotica and found his first successes.  Since then, it’s been stated that although that Gavin innately understands the psyches and fantasies of both submissive and top men.  The website “Impressions of a Reader” listed Gavin Atlas as their top LGBT Erotica read for 2010.

Current Releases

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Long Time Coming
At some point, hasn't every young bottom yearned to be ravished by a powerful, inescapable top? What dominant hasn't fantasized about a gorgeous young sub with an incredible ass, so horny he could never say no? The Boy Can't Help It offer...
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The Boy Can't Help It
Jerry’s goal is to fulfill as many sexual fantasies as he can before he starts graduate school in the fall. The next fantasy on his list is topping a surfer, and with the help of the internet, he’s discovered a submissive young man on the...
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Blue Star Boy
Jamie, a college senior from Pennsylvania, is nursing the wounds of a broken relationship.  Alone on the beautiful beaches of Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica for spring break, shy Jamie spends his time writing his wildest fantasies in his journa...
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La Playita
Toby is a young, insecure college counselor by day and a sex slave by night. When he meets Leo, the massively built and gorgeous guardian of his new student client, the mutual attraction is strong. Even though sexually they are a match made in hea...
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Love and Rockets
Rafael, a gorgeous and promiscuous bottom boy, has always been the favorite of every top in his town. However, Rafael knows he won’t be young forever, and a part of him wants more than just night after night of giving up his rump to an endle...
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Slave to Shadows

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