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When Lindy, an American romance writer, inherits a craggy house by the sea in Cornwall she expects to sell it and use the proceeds to fund her career. But upon arriving in England she discovers long-forgotten love letters chronicling her Great-aunt E...
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Widow’s Walk
The Second Oldest Profession: Sexy, Seductive Spies If the exchange of sex for something in return is one of the first transactions by the human species, you can bet that there was someone spying on the couple! In Chinatown by Jay Lawrence, has Di...
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The Second Oldest Profession
Playing House; a game where love always wins. Bel and Max have an arrangement. Their busy lives leave little time for a 'real' relationship so they meet every few months, choosing to spend their time together exploring the sensual plea...
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Playing House
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Amanda Wellington is a twenty-eight year old do-it-yourselfer who is still waiting for Mr. Right. Every day, she's tormented by a ghostly image that resides in her antique mirror, and each night, her dream lover strokes her aching flesh, keepi...
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Come To Me
Pleasure seems to waiting around every corner when Cassandra attends a sex conference in one of the most sensual cities in the world. Her journey becomes one of erotic self-discovery. Agreeing to participate in an erotic hypnosis seminar has C...
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Going Dutch
  Working together on opposite sides of a project has caused nothing but tension between Arielle and David. When that tension turns sexual, Arielle consents to taking a pleasure cruise with the man who rattles her chains.   L...
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Bondage at Sea
An erotic novella with mixed themes including spanking, female submission and role play. Trish lives a quiet, happy life until she meets Josh, and he turns her world upside down. Worlds apart, they record erotic audio books, their voices...
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Pleasure Heaven

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